Why Bellicon

A ‘rebounder’ is a ‘mini trampoline’ and ‘rebounding’ is bouncing on a mini trampoline. A rebounder is generally circular in shape, has frames that vary in diameter from about 100 – 125cm and sits about 30 – 40cm high. As such, a rebounder is a compact piece of exercise equipment; easily stored, easily moved and easy to use.


Mini-trampolines/rebounders have enjoyed a reputation for not only improving the look of your body – they have been pointed to as an effective method for improving fitness and whole of body health. Rebounding utilizes the downward movement in the bounce and small, methodical movements plus resistance for a fitness workout superior to any other. In fact, your feet hardly need lift from the mat of the rebounder to get the benefit. It also is a low impact exercise, so you will avoid shin splints and damage to your knees and ankles.

Rebounding exercise on a good quality rebounder lessens any strain on the joints of your body, particularly with the bellicon bounce, where the mat absorbs up to 85% of the impact. (However, the same cannot be said for rebounding on some of the cheaper spring based rebounders, due to the harsh bounce and sudden stop.)

Rebounding is a very dynamic form of exercise, so you can bounce to health and fitness without even working up a sweat! It is one of the most oxygen efficient forms of exercise, allowing you to exercise vigorously, without feeling out of breath – but you will still get the same benefits that you would get from other types of exercise.

13689820On studying the benefits of rebounding, NASA found that the ‘external work output at equivalent levels of oxygen uptake was significantly greater while trampolining than running…the greatest difference was about 68%’. In other words, a 70 kg individual spending one hour on a rebounder will burn more calories than the same person jogging for an hour! Or, to put it another way, 3 minutes intense rebounding is the equivalent to 10 minutes jogging!

Our bellicon trampolines/rebounders are made in Germany and have an amazing suspension system, featuring highly elastic bungee bands (rope rings) which allow for a total body workout, strengthen your joints and stimulate your circulation.

Did you know that there are more than 600 muscles in our body, and bouncing on a bellicon works all of them? Learn how to exercise on a rebounder. Discover the advantages of exercising on a highly elastic bellicon rebounder /mini trampoline.


The diagram above shows the amplitude (arch) of bellicon rebounders compared to a typical lower quality rebounder. (The best rebounders have an upper and lower amplitude identical in shape and size.)

The blue/grey line shows the amplitude of a low quality rebounder. The horizontal line shows the rebounder in a static position and the curves above the line represent the height reached when you bounce out of the rebounder (the up movement of bouncing) and the curves below the line represent the depth reached when you bounce into the rebounder (the down movement of bouncing).

The blue/grey line shows that the down movement of bouncing ‘bottoms out’ by flattening at the lowest part of the curve. This shows that when bouncing into a lower quality rebounder, your back can be jarred as the amplitude of the down movement is compromised. This jolting can cause stress to the lower back and spine, and makes what should be an enjoyable workout into a an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately rebounders of such a low quality are the most commonly found rebounders on the high street. You can buy them in most sport shops and catalogues for what seems like a very good price, but which obviously comes at a cost.

The yellow and red lines in the diagram represent high quality bellicon rebounders. In marked difference to the black line, it is clear that the upper and lower amplitudes of the green and orange lines are equal both in size and shape. The yellow line is the amplitude that is produced by the bellicon rebounder and the red line represents the bounce you experience on a bellicon swing or bellicon medi swing.

From the diagram, it can be seen that both bellicon rebounders are designed in a way that the mat receives your bounce and accompanies you to the lowest point of bouncing. The yellow and green line absorb up to 85% of the impact. This is the feature that allows almost everybody to exercise on rebounders safely at any intensity.

bellicon’s uniqueness lies in its highly elastic suspension. When one looks at the simple bounce movement on the bellicon’s highly elastic trampoline, it hardly seems possible that this triggers so many positive reactions in the body. The trampoline really is like a highly effective medicine, and the active ingredient in it is the continuous gravitational change between the highest point and the braking phase.


When bouncing on a mini trampoline/rebounder the following takes place in your body

As soon as ‘point zero’ has been crossed during the upswing, the body becomes weightless and the muscles relax – until they are slowed down again when reaching the mat. At some point on the upward bounce, you slow down and reach reversal point. As all functioning powers are suspended at that point, the cells are completely relaxed.

On the way down towards the mat the body’s acceleration increases until it hits the mat. At the moment of braking, the increasing powers of weight affect the body and all muscle cells tense automatically, so that the body is stabilised and doesn’t collapse. This gravitational pull and the forced correction is enormously beneficial for building core strength.

At the lower reverse point of the bounce, maximum gravitation is reached. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, much more gravitational force than normal effects your body and your muscles tense accordingly. This action is then repeated: relaxation of the whole cell structure during the upswing and renewed tension at brake point.

This continuous gravitational change causes enormous metabolic activity. Although subjectively you don’t experience this movement as arduous, your whole body is exercising. Interestingly enough, hardly one cell can avoid this tense-and-relaxation mechanism. It is quite easy for you to check this yourself if, whilst bouncing on the trampoline, you touch any muscle. Regardless of which muscle you choose, whether in the arm, stomach or neck, you will clearly feel it tensing and relaxing whilst bouncing.

The difference between a concrete and an elasticised floor

In itself, alternating gravitational force is nothing special because regardless of the type of floor, every time you jump up and then come down again, the process of muscle tension and relaxation takes place. This also occurs on a concrete floor.

What makes the bellicon so special is its suspension. Due to its high elasticity, the up and down swing movement is lengthened. Whilst on a concrete floor you are slowed down immediately, but deceleration on the flexible trampoline is extended, resulting in the musculature being exerted for longer. This decelerating training is called ‘eccentric exercise’. It equates to walking down a mountain and is very effective.

So, whilst swinging or bouncing on the highly flexible mat, deceleration takes longer than on concrete. In our experience, there is no better suspension than that of the highly elasticised rope rings. Whilst exercising on a trampoline with steel springs, the deceleration path is clearly shorter, which prevents optimal muscle building from taking place.

The best exercise results can only be achieved with the highly flexible rope ring suspension. The flexible rope rings are extremely resilient but at the same time very gentle and sparing on the back, intervertebral discs and joints.

When using a rebounder, it is not only the muscles that are exercised

This exercise also makes demands on other cell structures: cartilage and intervertebral discs are gently massaged by the tension and relaxation exercises, and supplied with nutrients. Demands are also gently made on organs like the pancreas, kidneys and the liver by the pressure and pull movements, thereby exercising them. This is like an internal massage.

The lymphatic system benefits greatly from rebounding. The movement of the lymph system is entirely dependent on our movement.  The constant contraction of the muscles helps lymphatic drainage and this occurs with most movements, however, the bouncing that occurs through rebounding adds in a g-force component which increases the force of movement with greatly enhanced lymphatic drainage.

Without exaggeration, it can be said that your whole body profits from the gentle up and down swing on a highly elasticised bellicon mini trampoline!

Why you should choose a bellicon rebounder / mini-trampoline

While all rebounders may appear very similar both in looks and in espousedoutcomes, their quality can vary enormously. To get the utmost enjoyment and the greatest health and fitness benefits from bouncing, choose your mini trampoline carefully and wisely. Do your research – all roads will lead back to the incomparable, high quality bellicon rebounder… because it’s simply the best! The bellicon is spring free and has highly elastic bungee bands (rope rings), making it very effective and quiet as opposed to the as-hard-as-steel, noisy spring rebounders. Not all rebounders/mini-trampolines are created equal!

What is it that makes buying a bellicon rebounder such a fantastic option? They’re incomparable, health giving bounce for a start, then we can add that the bellicon rebounder is very quiet and it’s stable.


the bellicon rebounder bounce

The bungee band suspension of this amazing rebounder allows you to swing deeply into the bounce. The deceleration stage is the real exercise stage on a mini trampoline and on the bellicon, this braking stage is clearly longer  than spring rebounders.

more about how a bellicon rebounder works

The bounce of the bellicon effectively catapults you back upwards again. Many years of development and improvement have been invested in the bellicon’s sophisticated rope ring technique. bellicon trampolines’ unique and worldwide patented suspension doesn’t just look different to the conventional, metal spring trampolines; it also has a lot of advantages.

The bungee bands used by bellicon are expandable and the components used give all the bands an incredible level of elasticity, meaning they can be stretched to at least between 250% and 280% of their original length. This is very important for the quality of the swing movement (in that you are not abruptly stopped in the braking phase  if the elasticity of the rope rings is insufficient) and for the durability of the rings (as an overstretched rope ring clearly wears out quicker). Because of the special way the bungee bands are guided, bellicon rebounders have managed to incorporate about twice as much bungee band length in the suspension than have comparable trampolines with continuous ropes. bellicon trampolines have between 16 to 23 meters (!) of elastic rope in the fabricated bungee bands, through which the strength to be intercepted is divided, absorbed and returned. This is how you are almost automatically catapulted back upwards again, which explains the bellicon trampoline’s high fun factor.

The unique technique enables the incomparably gentle and harmonic bounce, or swing, that you experience on a bellicon trampoline. Compared to jogging or conventional mini trampolines, the any strain on the joints, spinal discs and bones is much less. At the same time, the deceleration phase is clearly lengthened which makes exercising much more effective.

quiet training without the disruptive noise

Despite the similarities of various rebounders, the type of exercise done on conventional, metal spring trampolines is completely different to that of a bellicon rebounder: the normal metal springs are very hard and hardly stretch when you jump. Even coil spring trampolines that are sold as “highly flexible” only have a maximum stretch from the stationary position of no more than 30 to 50%. On these much harder trampolines you therefore use your own strength to jump upwards from the mat and although you are slightly cushioned when landing, you are hardly catapulted back upwards again. The rebound effect is therefore much less developed.

The bellicon rebounder’s bungee bands are easily changed and can be adapted to various weights. On metal spring trampolines, metal is constantly rubbing against metal so many users complain about annoying, squeaking noises whilst exercising. With rope ring suspended trampolines however, the bungee bands rub against the frame cover when you swing so they hardly make a sound. The bellicon trampoline bungee band suspension is silent as far as it is possible and thus protects both you, your family’s and even your neighbour’s nerves.

As the biggest demands are always made on the trampoline’s suspension, at some point it will begin to show signs of wear and obviously has to be changed (like the sole of a shoe) sooner or later, depending on level of use. Metal springs break and parts can fly off. Bungee bands wear out and become longer. When it becomes necessary, metal springs and trampolines with continuous, long ropes are difficult to change and many users find it too complicated.

So that you don’t have to send your trampoline away when the bungee bands have worn out, bellicon developed the patented rope ring (bungee band) suspension. This makes it easy for you to change them and for you to adjust your trampoline to the weight of another user at any time.  Bungee bands exist in four different strengths – medium, strong, extra strong and ultra strong.  For more information on the best bungee band strength for you, visit our FAQ page.

top quality, German made bellicon mini-trampolines / rebounders

The bellicon rebounder is a high tech product. To achieve an optimal bounce movement, it is not enough for only the suspension and the mat to be of good quality, the frame must also stand stable and securely.

We want you to enjoy your trampoline for as long as possible. Its gentle, flexible bounce should delight you and its daily use should be easy. Obviously, good design and safety whilst exercising are all part of this. Consistent good quality that ensures these requirements are met is only achievable with production in Germany to high quality German standards.

Before you purchase a different product, compare the design and workmanship of our trampolines. You will conclude that all our components are perfectly processed and if anything, overdesigned instead of under designed, so that long durability is guaranteed. All joints have been engineered securely and movable parts designed to be silent.


Due to the high quality materials and workmanship, bellicon gives three years on the black frame and, on the stainless steel frames of the bellicon premium, five years. Excluded from this guarantee are the bungee bands and mat that, through use, are subject to natural wear and tear.

sustainability of exercise regime is easy to achieve with a bellicon rebounder / mini-trampoline

We know you will love your bellicon simply because it’s a fun way to exercise and once you’re up and away, there will be no stopping you. It’s a workout that won’t tire you but rather invigorate you and the intensity of the workout is entirely dependent upon you and how hard or gentle you wish to bounce. No matter at what level you bounce, you will gain enormous benefits (read more about benefits or view our testimonials). It’s easy to stay committed to regular exercise when you feel great within minutes of starting. Because the rebounder is compact, it can remain in a living room or reasonably high flow traffic area in your home. By putting it where you can see it, you’ll be always tempted! Equally, it’s moveable, so can quickly be stored.

The unique bounce, the feeling of vitality that you get, and a workout that doesn’t wear you out, are all factors which will enable you to make a long term commitment to your bellicon rebounding.

How the bellicon rebounder stacks up against all other rebounders / trampolines

The commonly found mini trampolines with metal springs are found in most high street sports stores. The difference between these rebounders and the bellicon is dramatic. The bounce of a bellicon is much softer and more elastic. This causes much less impacts on joints and ligaments and also dramatically improves the result of your workout. The longer cycle of deceleration on the mat is better for your muscles, giving you a much more effective workout than metal spring rebounder which stop sharply.

Hear the difference between rebounders with bungees and springs

Hear the difference: bungees vs. springs from bellicon usa on Vimeo.

Rebounders with metal springs make squeaking and other irritating sounds. If this annoys you, just think of your neighbors or family members!  A bellicon is just the opposite – the bands don’t squeak so the bounce is quiet. The sound is that of your feet hitting the mat, like the sound of your beating heart!

Source: bellicon USA

Still not convinced that the bellicon rebounder is the very best?

Super high quality rebounders are made in Germany. The bellicon rebounder uses the best of precise German engineering and the result is a one-of-a-kind quality not found elsewhere on the market. Some people call the bellicon rebounder the “Porsche of Rebounders.” Obviously this stands for the highest level of craftsmanship – this super high quality and sleek looks will be the first thing you notice as you unwrap your bellicon and the bounce will confirm.

To learn more, check out the bellicon Germany website.