Bungee Bands

$131.73$180.00 + GST

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All rebounders come made up with your band choice.

However, if at any time you wish to purchase an extra sets of bands, the bands come in sets of 30 (for 100cm frame); 36 (for 112cm frame) and 42 (for 125cm frame).

Generally, bands will last a couple of years with normal use.

A set of bands for:

  • 100cm rebounder $131.73 + GST $13.17 = $144.90
  • 112cm rebounder $157.27 + GST $15.72 = $173
  • 125cm rebounder $180 + GST $18 – $198

Band colours include silver, black, orange, pink, blue and green (****currently out of stock of green & orange bands in strong (gold clip) & extra strong (red clip).

Band strengths are soft, medium, strong, extra strong and ultra strong. Refer to our FAQ page for information on the best band strength to suit your needs.