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Every rebounder is made up to your specifications for mat colour, band colour and band strength.

The stainless steel rebounder (the ‘premium’) is a super high quality, durable steel which gives an elegant and beautiful finish to an already superb looking piece of exercise equipment. If you live in a high rust area, it would be recommended to go with the premium for its high durability and rust proof finish. This rebounder only comes in 112cm and 125cm frame sizes.

The rebounder is 30cm off the floor.

The rebounder comes made up with the mat colour, band colour and band strength of your choice. The costs also includes a set of leg caps, which are included in the package. You will need to put these on the rebounder if they are not on the legs already.

To give you an idea of the mat size for the rebounders, each mat size is 32cm less than the frame. (So, the bouncing area on the mat that goes with a 100cm frame is 68cm.)

The rebounders weigh between approximately 11kg – 14kg.

The cost of the stainless steel rebounders:

112cm screw leg: $1044 + GST $104 = $1148

125cm screw leg: $1159 + GST $116 = $1275

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