Bellicon© Plus 125cm

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Every rebounder is made up to your specifications for mat colour, band colour and band strength.

The bellicon® Plus is based on the bellicon® Classic frame but has a patent pending quick release fastener for the included T-bar and – in future – other accessories. This makes the bellicon® Plus our most varied model.
It is available with foldable legs and scew-in legs, 112cm/44” diameter including T-bar.

The rebounders weigh between approximately 11kg – 14kg.

Prices for the black frame rebounders:

112cm screw-in leg + T-bar: 1290.00 + GST
112cm folding leg + T-bar: 1389,09 + GST

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The folding leg model and the screw-in leg model are the same in quality and stability. However, there may be an ever so slight movement in the rebounder with the folding legs because of the folding aspect, but this is not a fault, is generally not noticeable and in no way compromises the bounce or stability. The folding leg models are by far our most popular models.

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