Bellicon® Classic 125 cm

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The bellicon® Classic is the ancestor of bellicon® family and cuts an impressive figure with its black powder coat finish. Reliable, even after years of intensive use.

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Every rebounder is made up to your specifications for mat colour, band colour and band strength.

The black frame rebounder (the ‘classic’) is made of high quality steel with black powder coating. The screw legs and the folding leg elbows are top quality construction.

The rebounder is 30cm off the floor.

The rebounder comes made up with the mat colour, band colour and band strength of your choice. The costs also includes a set of leg caps, which are included in the package. You will need to put these on the rebounder if they are not on the legs already.

To give you an idea of the mat size for the corresponding frame size, deduct 32cm from the frame size  – so, for example, the mat for the 100cm frame is 68cm wide.

The rebounders weigh between approximately 11kg – 14kg.

Prices for the black frame rebounders:

100cm screw leg: $835,45 + GST

100cm folding leg: $941,82 + GST

112cm screw leg: $920,91+ GST

112cm folding leg: $1020,91 + GST

125cm screw leg: $1020,91 + GST

125cm folding leg: $1120,00 + GST

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The folding leg model and the screw-in leg model are the same in quality and stability. However, there may be an ever so slight movement in the rebounder with the folding legs because of the folding aspect, but this is not a fault, is generally not noticeable and in no way compromises the bounce or stability. The folding leg models are by far our most popular models.

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