Bungee cords wear out due to continuous stretching and friction and deterioration of the rubber inner and at some point it becomes essential for them to be replaced. We can’t tell you the exact life expectancy of the bungee cords because it always depends on how often, the intensity of your bounce, the user weight/band strength ratio, and for how long you use the bellicon. Most people have them for over two years but it can be much less for others. The wearing out of the bungee cords is due to several factors:

1. User’s weight The heavier you are, the more weight the bands have to endure. For everyone, light and heavy, to experience an equally gentle bounce movement, there are different strengths related generally to the following weights:

Medium bands (blue clip): 36kg – 68kg (81-150 lbs) body weight;

Strong bands (gold clip): 68kg – 85kg (151-200 lbs) body weight;

Extra strong bands (red clip): 85kg – 120kg (201-265 lbs) body weight;

Ultra strong bands (green clip): 120kg – 180kg (265-396 lbs) body weight.

For more info, read the FAQ on which band strength is best.

2. Intensity of the jumpThe higher you jump, the greater the impact the bungee bands. We advise against bouncing high as it is not necessary to do that in order to get a great workout. The urge to want to lift off is understandable because it’s so much fun. However, you can achieve the positive effects of the bellicon just from gentle bouncing and keeping your feet in contact with the mat.  If you occasionally rotate the bands a little, this move the friction point and can prolong the life of the bands. 

The bellicon rebounders come in three frame sizes – 100cm; 112cm and 125cm. When considering which frame size might best suit you, consider the height of the tallest user and the space you have at home. Generally, the bigger the rebounder, the more options for rebounding. However, you will get an equally great workout on any size, just with less movement. If you are hitting 183cm (6′), consider the 125cm rebounder; if you are between 165cm – 183cm (5’5″ – 6′), the mid range 112cm should suit you; if your height is under 165cm, the 100cm might well suit. The 112cm black frame folding leg model is our most popular and appears to suit most people. Consider the mat sizes (measure them out on your floor to understand the bouncing space you will be using). The 100cm has a mat of 68cm; the 112cm has a mat of 81cm; and the 125cm has a mat of 94cm. Once you’ve consider the mat size, the height of the tallest user and the space you have at home, you are well on the way to determining which frame size might best suit you.

Sometimes! On rare occasions, we have seconds bellicon rebounders at a discounted price. When we have seconds available, they will be listed here. At present, there is none available. 

The bellicon rebounder is primarily an indoor piece of exercise equipment and should not be left outside for long periods. Return the item indoors after training. The bellicon premium is made of stainless steel and is a more durable, stronger frame that will not rust. The black frame of the bellicon trampoline is made of steel, lacquered and browned and so splash-proof, but not weatherproof.

The bellicon rebounder is an adult exercise activity which carries risks if not undertaken correctly. Check with you general practitioner or treating medico as to whether the rebounding is a safe exercise for you. The safety instructions on the site provide good information on how to safely start using your bellicon. Every customer is required to read these instructions for safe use before commencing with their exercise. There is also an instructional DVD and exercise chart with every purchase. (There is a check-box at the checkout in our online shop, which provides verification to us that you have read and understand how to begin your exercise on the bellicon rebounder.)

Children can use the rebounder, but under strict supervision. A bellicon rebounder is a fitness tool for adults and not for a child’s play activity. If children under 16 years will be using the rebounder, the frame surround (frame cushion), available from our online shop, is required. Furthermore, there must be direct supervision by an adult. The size of the mat and the enthusiasm of children or teenagers to jump high could result in injury, so appropriate accessories and close supervision is required. The frame cushions are made with extra-thick foam and available for all rebounder diameters and installing is easy. 

Yes, we do sell a cover for the bellicon bands. If children are using the mat, the band cover (frame cushion) made from thick foam, is recommended.  

Any exercise routine requires a level of exertion and movement and any exercise has elements of risk. You may think yourself ready, but it is recommended to check with your doctor. If there is any joint pain and it’s OK to go ahead with rebounding, we recommend using the bands that correspond to your weight class to give you the softest, most gentle bounce. The softer bounce will feel better on your body. If you suffer from osteoporosis then a firmer bounce is recommended. A firmer bounce is also better if you have a problem with over-pronation of your feet. For a firmer bounce you should use bungees that are for a weight class above your own. Ensure you have read our safe use instructions for information on how to safely use the bellicon rebounder. These are available from our site (‘Safe Use Instructions’ on the bottom menu.)
The fold-up legs are much more convenient because it is a lot easier and quicker to put away for storage. Screwing and unscrewing each leg takes time and if you have to store it often, especially if you use the bellicon in a smaller space such as an apartment, the folding legs would be of benefit.  If the bellicon is rarely stored, then we recommend the screw-in legs. The folding leg model and the screw-in leg model are the same in quality and stability however there may be a very slight movement in the rebounder with the folding legs because of the folding aspect. This is not problematic and in no way compromises the bounce or stability.

If you have the space it is always best to put the bellicon in a place where it is ready to use and very visible. This will help remind you to use it often – otherwise out of sight, out of mind.

The minimum height your ceiling should be is 30cm for the height of the trampoline, plus your height and then add at least 35cm of space for your jump. You may not need this 35cm, since you ideally jump into the mat not above, but it is always wise to have enough head-room to avoid any risk of injury. We do not recommend high jumping. Keeping on or low to the mat with your bouncing will bring just as many rewards.

The prices vary according to the size of the rebounder, the leg type (folding or screw) and the steel (black frame or stainless steel). There is an overview of the prices and other product information in the relevant product description in the shop pages. Freight and GST is added at checkout and is based on the delivery address which you can calculate prior to checkout.

Note that sales to countries outside Australia do not incur the GST. Freight costs for delivery to countries outside Australia are door-to-door, but do not cover any of the country’s imports costs and taxes.


In a nutshell:


100cm screw leg: $636 + GST $64 = $698

100cm folding leg: $714 + GST $71 = $785

112cm screw leg: $695.50 + GST $69.50 = $765

112cm folding leg: $768 + GST $77 = $845

125cm screw leg: $768 + GST $77 = $845

125cm folding leg: $840 + GST $85 = $925


112cm screw leg: $1044 + GST $104 = $1148

112cm foling leg: $1228 + GST $123 = $1351

125cm screw leg: $1159 + GST $116 = $1275

125cm folding leg: $1385 + GST $139 = $1524

Spend some time to ensure you are standing correctly on the mat. A rebounder cannot cause you to pronate. You either pronate or you don’t and if you pronate, you do this in your normal life. The bellicon acts here like a magnifying glass and shows you a habit that you have. It is very helpful to change this habit as it is not healthy to pronate in your gait. It is your muscles in the feet that hold your feet in the correct position. If these muscles are weak, you can train them. In most cases you just have to consciously put your feet parallel to the floor. This consistent awareness becomes natural over time, and often this is all it needs. Check out QiBounding at http://qibounding.com/rebounding_training_Pronation.html for more information on how to stand correctly on the mat and on the issue pronation. 

The rebounder comes made up to your specifications, depending on the mat colour, band colour and band strength you have chosen. In the rebounder package will be a free instructional DVD and a set of leg caps, if the caps are not already on the legs.

It is very obvious when you have to replace the bungee bands. The bands fray out over many months, little by little. They can also lengthen and slacken. Just before you see the rubber interior of the bungee bands, you need to exchange them. Don’t wait too long as you don’t want to have them snap. Change over a full set at a time.

Yes, you can definitely use the bellicon with bare feet. Do not use regular socks as you may slide off. You can also use shoes, however it is a great workout for the muscles in your feet if you go barefoot. If you have issues with your feet, or your feet feel sensitive on the mat, wear shoes so as not to aggravate any issue. The reason why bouncing barefoot is preferable is because you would lose an aspect of the benefits of rebounding if you wear shoes/sneakers. The stimulation of the proprioceptors, sensatory receptors, on the sole of our feet, is lost when you wear shoes. Proprioception is the sense that indicates whether the body is moving with required effort, as well as where the various parts of the body are located in relation to each other. Proprioceptors are highly stimulated by moving on uneven surface and this helps improve balance. There are situations where wearing shoes is important and that is if your ankles are not so strong. In this instance, wearing shoes helps to straighten your ankles and lessen the strain on that joint. 

If continence is an issue, always check with your doctor prior to commencing. If all is OK to begin the bouncing, you must start the bouncing very low on the mat and for short duration (1-2 minutes at a time over the day) to build up weak pelvic floor muscles. Gradually (over weeks) increase the duration by a few minutes, while keeping the bouncing low. Don’t rush the build up. The bellicon bands take up to 85% of the impact, so the exercise is gentle, but it is very dynamic in that it works every muscle, so take your time to build up muscle strength. The end results will be worth the slow beginning.

Just out of interest, rebounding on the bellicon is a wonderful antidote for constipation, working on the digestive system.For more information on bellicon rebounding and incontinence, visit: http://www.bellicon.com/en/testimonials/expert-s-feedback/ 



Unless you have balance problems, the support bar/s are not really necessary for exercise. However, if you feel you need support, the support bars can be purchased with single or as a pair. 

The band strength depends on your weight and what you want to get from the exercise. This table explains the band strength in relation to the weight of the heaviest user.

Bungee band calculator

All bellicon rebounders are customised to your particular weight level and exercise objective. Check the matrix to decide which band strength is best for you.

If you are having difficulty choosing or you fall between two options, you would be best placed to choose the higher strength band.

Max Body Weight Gentle to Mid Level Training Intense, Cardio Training High Intensity Aerobic Training
Up to 55Kg Medium Medium Strong
Up to 80Kg Strong Extra Strong Extra Strong
Up to 120Kg Extra strong Extra Strong Ultra Strong
Up to 150Kg Ultra Strong Ultra Strong NOT RECOMMENDED

This is a good point. The bellicon was initially used for rehabilitation, and the focus was on ‘swinging’ on the bellicon. The ‘swing’ is a more gentle movement which requires a more elastic and soft band strengths. This activity is good for bones and rehabilitation. However, now the fitness industry is more and more interested in the bellicon and, in this respect, quick and more active movement is promoted, which focuses more on cardio fitness and therefore a stronger band strengths is used. The bellicon is a great tool for both fitness and rehab/health so generally people have a MAIN reason for exercise, and select the band strength accordingly.

Anybody can do all exercises they desire on a bellicon (rehab, jogging, aerobic workout). It is all about getting the correct band strength that works with your main personal exercise goals. The more aerobic the activity you want, the harder bounce required so consider a band strength in a class above your weight range. Remember that the bellicon is virtually SILENT, too. Unlike other spring based rebounders which will begin to squeak after short use. The bellicon offers the perfect bounce (hard or soft) without the harshness or the squeakiness of other rebounders. This means you will enjoy using it. For more information on which band strength would give you the best aerobic workout, refer to table on our bungee band information page.

No. As an example, a person up to 60kg may select a medium (blue clip band) regardless of whether they were selecting a 100cm, 112cm or 125cm bellicon.

When choosing the correct strength bungee bands to accommodate different weight, you should choose a bungee strength that accommodates the heaviest person. Please see question above regarding which bungee band is best for you.


We sometimes have loan rebounders available with a loan period between 5 -7 days, generally. The onus is on the borrower to collect and return the rebounder (from Prahran, Melbourne).  There is often a waiting list for the loan rebounders, but send us an enquiry to find out more. Before the rebounder can be borrowed, the safety instructions must be read and confirmed and you also need to ensure that you are using the correct band strength for your weight. (These instructions are found on the bottom menu of each page.)

Yes, the bellicon comes with an instructional DVD and exercise chart, which will help you make use of the bellicon in the most effective and enjoyable way. There is also a DVD which is available from our shop which shows a series of 10-25 minute routines for a whole body workout by Katherine & Kimberly Corp include the following: – Introduction – Safety & Setup – 20 Min Beginner’s Workout – 10 Min Advanced Workout – 25 Min Advanced Workout – 10 Min Pilates Workout – Balance & Coordination workout and Stretching Sequence. These DVDs show a range of exercises, including those that use a higher jump. Do not move beyond your capacity as high jumping carries risks and Rebound for Life does not recommend jumping high. 

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Sale for a more comprehensive explanation of our return policy. In a nutshell, we are responsible for the return of any damaged or faulty product. However, if you change your mind after you have purchased and wish to return, you are responsible for the freight costs to return the rebounder. We have a 14 day ‘no questions asked’ return policy if you do change your mind. All returns must be in original packaging.

The folding leg model and the screw-in leg model are the same in quality and stability. However, there may be an ever so slight movement in the rebounder with the folding legs because of the folding aspect, but this is not a fault, is generally not noticeable and in no way compromises the bounce or stability. The folding leg models are by far our most popular models.
Unfortunately, we have had to change our policy on the instalment plan. Where previously we had shipped with the first payment, we have had to change this to ensure full payment. Now, we dispatch on receipt of the final payment. Please contact us at admin@reboundforlife.com.au if you wish to pay by instalment and we can work out a payment plan with you.
We try to dispatch within two working days of the receipt of full payment. Rebound for Life subsidise the freight costs to most parts of Australia, so that all Australians in the more remote areas are not disadvantaged in their purchase. Delivery of the rebounder is generally between 3 – 5 days from dispatch.  Some places in Australia would be a day or two longer. We provide a consignment number for you to track the status of the delivery.  

Please note that someone needs to be at the delivery address to sign for the item/s.  Alternatively, you can authorisation to leave the rebounder at the delivery address unsigned for – the risk rests with you if this is done. If the courier needs to re-deliver, an extra freight charge may be incurred. (Just out of interest, our record is 22 hours from order to delivery interstate!!)

**IMPORTANT INFORMATION** If you live in a country outside Australia, please email us at admin@reboundforlife.com.au to get the correct freight price. We do not send to all countries. Freight costs for delivery to countries outside Australia are door-to-door, but do not cover any of the country’s imports costs and taxes.

Collection is only possible if you live or near in  or near Melbourne. The rebounders are stored in a warehouse near Melbourne Airport and it’s possible, if pre-arranged, to collect the rebounder from the warehouse on Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Simply click ‘local pick-up’ in the freight options in the shop. We will email the collection details upon receipt of full payment.

One of the great advantages of the bellicon is the patented bungee band system. The bellicon contains many single bungee rings that can easily be exchanged if they are worn out. You don’t need any tools and it will only take a few minutes to replace a whole set of bungees.

The premium bellicon rebounder has a stainless steel frame and comes in 112cm and 125cm sizes (we currently stock only screw on leg models in the premium) while the black bellicon rebounder has a painted steel frame and comes in 100cm, 112cm and 125cm (in both folding and screw on leg models.)  Both are very high quality but because the bellicon premium is made of stainless steel, it is of higher quality and more durable.  The premium frame is rust resistant and the thread on the screw-in legs is more durable than the thread on the bellicon. The stainless steel also looks sleeker!  Both the premium and the standard bellicon models use the same mats, the same bands, are the same height and have the same feel and function.  For an overview of the prices for the black frame rebounder and the stainless steel rebounder, click on the relevant rebounder image in the shop and read the ‘product description’.

Depends on your level of instability. Generally, one would suffice to give you something to hold on to but two does give that extra level of support and stability. The safety bar/s attach to the outside legs of the 100cm, 112cm and 125cm bellicon rebounder. To attach, undo all screws and position the brackets against leg and screw into place. Tighten screws to a point so there is no movement in the bar/s. If using two bars, the bars are closer together at their highest part. Support bars are only designed to steady balance. Do not lean over the handle and do not jump up against the bars, as this could results in the entire equipment toppling over.

There are times when we have the t-bar in stock, which is a single t-bar that fits all size rebounders. T-bar attachment can be used by any customer of any age but is not a device that can support the whole bodyweight. If balance is an issue or you need assistance to get on and off the bellicon, we recommend the support bar/s. The T-bar is for more active training and not as full support.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.12.52 pm

Unless prior authorisation is provided for us to leave the rebounder at the delivery address unsigned for, someone will need to sign for the item/s. You can provide us with authorisation to leave the rebounder but this needs to be done in writing and prior to dispatch, generally a note with the order or a follow-up email.

If nobody is at the delivery address to sign for the item,  a ‘futile delivery’ fee may by charged for further attempt at redelivery.

Courier companies will generally not ring ahead to organise for someone to be at the delivery address.

We suggest that when you have the consignment number, track the delivery. If there is no estimated day of delivery, contact the courier company and get further details of the day of delivery.

You can also find numerous questions and answers about bellicon and rebounding on the official bellicon Germany website.

Feel free to contact us or information on our bellicon rebounders and rebounder accessories.