Official distributor of bellicon rebounders

A bellicon rebounder is not just any kind of rebounder, it’s an exceptional, German manufactured mini trampoline, giving a unique bellicon bouncing experience.

This rebounder is for adults serious about getting the best possible rehabilitation, health and fitness benefits from their rebounding exercise. People from a range of ages and fitness levels can use a rebounder – from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients, from young adults to old.

The bellicon mini-trampoline was initially developed for the purposes of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Now, the bellicon is increasingly used not only for assisting with rehabilitation but also for enhancing health and improving fitness.

The bellicon rebounder is compact and convenient. With three frame sizes ranging in diameter from 100 cm to 125 cm and weighing between 12-15 kg, the rebounder is a go and park anywhere piece of equipment. Folding legs and a carry bag makes it even more portable. Ideal for cold weather exercise or for mum’s with young children, when leaving the house to exercise is not always so easy. Exercise the bellicon way!
We know you’ll love the bellicon…it’s a fun way to exercise and once you’re bouncing there will be no stopping you…it’s so invigorating! Give it a try!
When we hit 50, unpleasant things can start happening…aching joints, declining agility, loss of strength, deterioration of balance, weight gain…all are expected as a natural part of ageing…but should they? Reverse the ageing process with a bellicon rebounder!
Historically the bellicon mini-trampoline focussed on physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Now the health and fitness aspects are just as well recognised. For good all round health and fitness, we believe this is the best exercise available.
bellicon’s uniqueness lies in its highly elastic suspension and flexible mat…it hardly seems possible that such a simple exercise as bouncing can trigger so many positive reactions in the body. The trampoline is like a highly effective medicine without any side effects!
Give your body what it truly deserves. A health giving, gentle yet dynamic exercise routine which is both enjoyable and effective. Only the bellicon can offer this. Simply the best!